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ADR/Dubbing Practice Sessions

We will provide you with a 1-on-1, hour long dubbing session to help you get the experience and practice you need so that you’ll be prepared for when you land those dubbing gigs! You will learn proper etiquette during a session (the DOs and DON’Ts of ADR). This includes how to read a dubbing script, take live direction and incorporate it into your acting, match your timing with lip flaps, pick the right voice for a character on the spot, and more! The sessions will be held over Zoom.

Before scheduling your class, we will discuss the types of things you would like to work on, in case you have anything specific in mind. We will also decide on a scene together that best suits you!

Please feel free to contact Anthony at if you have any questions.

Cost: $40 for an hour

Casting Calls

Need help with casting characters for your video game, audio drama, or animation? Contact us and our team can help with the entire casting process from start to finish!

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